Roof Repair & Maintenance in Durban

Roof Repair Durban

Looking after your roof should be a priority in any regular maintenance schedule. Detecting problems early can save you big in the long run with costly repairs and new roof construction running into the tens of thousands of Rand. We are experts in all things roofing and provide the best and most cost effective roof repair in Durban. From fixing broken and cracked tiles through to replacing waterproofing membrane, roof joints, joists and beams through to damp prevention and cure, we are the only company you need to call.

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Our roof Maintenance in Durban can be arranged as a one off or as a regular contract. We can provide regular inspection of your roof, the roof structure and all the surrounding supports to make sure that no problems are arising. Once we detect an issue, we will provide the relevant fix to ensure the structure is water tight, safe and secure. Our repairs are long lasting, guaranteed and will certainly save you in the long run. We can also provide full roof restoration in Durban and will have you property looking like new once again in no time.

If you do indeed need a new roof construction, we can assist. Having built a range of both pitched, corrugated and flat roofing structures over the years, we are on hand to assist with the design and execution of your roof to meet your exact requirements. We are closely regarded as Durban’s leading roofing company and have the required skill and experience to get the job done right, first time. Call us today to further discuss your needs on 031 100 1954.

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