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waterproofing Kwazulu-Natal

To some people, a concrete roof is just but a slab of concrete at the top of a building. As one of the most professional and oldest company in waterproofing Kwazulu-Natal, we see a roof differently. To us, it is more than a slab. It is a piece of art that is design to last, hold its own against the weather and still look good after enduring several storms and sun glares. It is with this vision in mind that we approach each roofing project awarded to us in this region hence guaranteeing the client of a workable and beautiful product all tied up in a neat yet affordable package.

Kwazulu-Natal waterproofing

For over forty years, we have been a voice of reckoning in the damp proofing Kwazulu-Natal industry. With our team of highly trained and well equipped professionals, we have what it takes to handle a variety of roofing projects at a go. Since we have a qualified supervisor monitoring each project, you are assured of high quality work from the preliminary stages right through to the final changes. In addition to this, we only use the best damp treatment and proofing material that not only come with a warrant but a tested and proven chance of keeping you dry and protected for years.

Our services vary from simple repairs to actual installation of crowns to new buildings. We have at our disposal a variety of alternatives with the most common being clay or concrete slates, wood shingle simulations, metal panels and concrete block finishing. Contact us with your request and let our roof waterproofing in Kwazulu-Natal professionals handle you project. You will be amazed

damp proofing Kwazulu-Natal