Damp Proofing Durban

damp treatment durban

Damp can effect our property in many different ways but one thing we do know for sure is that 9 times out of 10 its caused by inadequate waterproofing or poor maintenance of your home. Thankfully, there is always a solution and our waterproofing company has spent over 35 years Damp Proofing Durban properties, we are confident to find the best and most cost effective one for your damp issues. Our team are well trained and have vast experience in dealing with all kinds of damp and rotten timber, rising damp, penetrating damp, wet walls, basements, roofs and exterior walls.

damp proofing durban

Diagnosing a damp problem in Durban early is key as the sooner we can act, the less damage will be done, reducing the overall cost of the cure. Our experts will first diagnose and investigate the root cause of your issue before then putting a detailed plan of action together to help rid the damp for good. We deal with every step of the process all the way through to re-plastering and sealing the walls, ceilings or roof structure to avoid repeat issues.

Our damp cure Durban can is a process that can be applied to any area or surface where damp has set in including rotten timber struts and structures. We can remove wet patches caused by leaking or damaged pipes, inadequate waterproofing membrane, bad drainage or leaking roof. No matter what the cause of the problem or how bad the situation is, we can help! We also offer services for basement tanking and can assist in preventative damp proofing Durban to ensure that situations do not arise in the first place. Give our team a call today for some professional advice or a quotation for the work require. Site inspections can be arranged on request by calling 031 100 1954

damp proofing in Durban